Furitsumore Kodokuna Shi yo (2024)

Furitsumore Kodokuna Shi yo (2024)

Other name: 降り積もれ孤独な死よ / ふりつもれこどくなしよ

Synopsis: After the discovery of 13 children’s remains in the “Haikawa Residence Incident”, a mysterious symbol reappears seven years later. The incident involves a secretive communal group and a suspect known as “Father”. As the truth behind the tragedy slowly unravels, six survivors are caught in the middle of the unfolding mysteries. Adapted from a manga series, “Furitsumore Kodokuna Shi yo”, this 10-episode drama delves into the suspenseful and unpredictable human story of the events. Airing on Sundays, this Japanese drama, broadcasted by YTV, has a duration of 55 minutes per episode and is yet to be rated.



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