Frankly Speaking (2024)

Frankly Speaking (2024)

Other name: 비밀은 없어 / 沒有秘密 / Bimileun Eobseo / There Is No Secret / No Secret / No Secrets / Никаких секретов

Synopsis: “Song Ki Baek, a 33-year-old single announcer known for his polite and well-mannered persona, faces a major challenge when he develops a condition that causes him to speak without thinking. This leads to the biggest crisis of his life. On the other hand, TV variety show writer On Woo Joo becomes intrigued by Song Ki Baek’s sudden change in behavior and invites him to appear on her show. With 12 episodes and a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes, this drama follows the struggles and growth of Song Ki Baek as he navigates through his new condition.”



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