Following (2024)

Following (2024)

Other name: 그녀가 죽었다 / Geunyeoga Jugeossda / Geunyeoga Jugeottdaa / She’s Dead / She Died / Она мертва

Synopsis: “Realtor Jung Tae has a peculiar habit of sneaking into strangers’ homes and peeking into their lives. One day, he becomes fixated on an unfamiliar face in the neighborhood – Instagram star, So Ra. By chance, So Ra leaves her house key at Jung Tae’s agency, leading him to visit her home whenever he can. However, on one visit, Jung Tae is shocked to discover So Ra’s lifeless body. To make matters worse, all evidence points to Jung Tae as the culprit. In a race against time, he must uncover the true killer and clear his name. Directed by Kim Se Hwi, this 1 hour and 43 minute film follows Jung Tae’s journey to prove his innocence.”



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  1. December 10 2022 ⁉️ 4 months ago should have been uploaded or is it September 2023⁉️

  2. It says airs on 7th September but why i haven’t see any updates of this drama in Instagram? YouTube? Been waiting for this drama

  3. OHHHH this is right up my alley, why does it have to be so long until it’s release??? I want to watch something sinister and psychological right NOW