Five Kings of Thieves (2024)

Five Kings of Thieves (2024)

Other name: 五行世家 / 五大贼王 / Wu Xing Shi Jia / Wu Da Zei Wang / The Family of the Five Elements / Five Great Thieves

Synopsis: In the tumultuous era of the Republic of China, orphan Huo Xiao Xie finds himself entangled in a dangerous world. Despite facing multiple near-death experiences, he perseveres to protect those he cares about and fights against evil forces. His unwavering courage and intelligence earn him the title of a legend, with his blood and wisdom lighting the way in the chaotic market.
During this time, a mysterious treasure known as the jade beads of the “five elements holy kings” emerges, drawing the attention of numerous individuals, including revolutionaries and progressive students. The Five Elements family, a powerful martial arts clan, joins the fight to safeguard this symbol of the throne. Meanwhile, the Japanese Black Dragon Association also sets its sights on the treasure, leading to a series of trials and tribulations for Huo as he becomes embroiled in the struggle to protect his country’s national treasures.
Through his kindness, righteousness, cleverness, and quick thinking, Huo overcomes numerous challenges and



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  1. 5 kings of thieves is wuxia martial arts drama set in the early days of the republican era (republican era started in 1912), the warlord era (1916 to 1928), in fengtian province (liaoning province). Warlord era was when many military dictators in china were vying for power and ended with the victory by military dictator of the nationalists. novel title seems to mean 5 great theft kings. china title seems to mean 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) sects. There are 5 sects: wood sect, fire sect, earth sect, metal sect and water sect. The main characters are looking for a magic object. The drama martial arts are not the realistic bruce lee martial arts but are wuxia martial arts where characters can fling tiny objects with their fingers to hurt people. Main gal is of the water sect and her last name is water. The main guy’s last name is fire. 1 female character has a whip and fights like catwoman.