Find Yourself (2023) Episode 14

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  1. Shane! I missed you!

    So when he was just an intern he wasn’t mature enough for a relationship with her but he’s the Boss’s son making his own big boss moves so heh. Idk I just gotta laugh.

    And where exactly has Shane lied? She assumed he had a sugar mama, where did she ever talk about her parents even to come down on him for secrets (he knows her brother already and well parents are just there), and I don’t see why he has to give her his whole family history and what not (since he’s not really close with his father even). He has treated their trial relationship more seriously than her but even so it was a trial so if it so happened that they both became sure of this relationship, then reveal all later on.

    If Shane went into the company with the intention of helping his father take over then I can’t side with him but as soon as he found out what he was trying to do, he didn’t want Yin to get hurt at all. Having him involved in negotiations will make sure that things run smoothly (hopefully, because he still cares) but she’s still up in her feelings too much.

    It’s not giving ‘childishness’ (that’s Yin’s M.O.), it’s giving “I just want you to love me for me and not for what I can offer you.” People, even those not directly involved, compare Ray with Shane so much, seeing Ray as above Shane because he’s older, richer and owns his own company. Shane to them is just this young attractive intern they could fawn over.

    Tbh I don’t want to hear childishness from a woman who went on a rebound relationship weeks after breaking up with someone. And then getting engaged to him because she’s pissed. Like wait… Shane can discuss marriage and she thinks he’s being silly and it’s too soon but she (to spite Shane) accepts Ray’s proposal? Hypocrite much.

    I’m not even going to go into how hypocritical it is for people to not approve of a woman dating a younger man but it’s okay for man to date a younger woman. Yang *sigh* – he doesn’t approve of Shane dating Yin, doesn’t want him to give up his ‘future’ (although that’s for Shane to decide) but resigns from his position for Mint. People really like to say one thing but for themselves they do the exact opposite. Same thing with Yin and her changing views on marriage with regards to Shane and Ray.