Fighting for Love (2024) Episode 18

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  1. One thing nice is that all of the men treat her decently. And the three men in her life plus her mortal enemy know that he is a she. And they treat her well. Save Yuzhi who at times is shown to be silly. I wish Deng Shang currently in Broken the Heart could choose less toxic male roles. Governor’s Secret Love wasn’t too bad.

  2. Yizhi is caught between two hard taskmasters. Xu gives him the advice about the hard decisions that a leader must make. There are many that will be affected if he suffers defeat, including the Princess Shengua back home. Mai and Yizhi share the same feelings about the soldiers, but she doesn’t understand why he made those hard decisions. When confronted, he said it was his decision. No weaseling out of it. She then reminds him that a leader cannot throw his soldiers’ lives away. It’s a pretty good drama.