Familia (2023)

Familia (2023)

Other name: ファミリア / Famiria

Synopsis: “Kamiya Seiji, a pottery craftsman living alone in a mountain village, is visited by his son Kamiya Gaku and his fiance Nadia. Gaku, who works as an engineer in Algeria, expresses his desire to quit his job and become a pottery craftsman like his father. However, Seiji is against the idea.
Meanwhile, Seiji’s neighbor Marcos, a Brazilian man, is reminded of his late father when watching Seiji make pottery. After being helped by Seiji in the past, Marcos becomes interested in the craft.
Tragedy strikes when Gaku and Nadia, who had returned to Algeria, face challenges. Directed by Narushima Izuru, this drama follows the intertwined lives of these characters and their pursuit of passions and dreams.”



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