Fah Pieng Din (2022)

Fah Pieng Din (2022)

Other name: ฟ้าเพียงดิน / Fa Phiang Din / Sky’s Only Land / Sky’s Only Land

Synopsis: Celica, daughter of a wealthy family, is set to move from their small countryside house to a bigger one owned by her father. However, on their journey to the new house, they are attacked by assigned assailants who kill Celica’s father. Before passing, her father marks her with a symbol to claim her as his daughter. Meanwhile, Tewada’s family, unaware of their survival, pretends that Tewada is Celica’s father’s son in order to claim the inheritance. Treated as a son by Celica’s father, Tewada is unaware of the truth. The mayor of the town takes in Celica and changes her name to protect her from the bad guys. Years later, Celica and Tewada meet again as adults.



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