Escape (2024)

Escape (2024)

Other name: 탈주 / Talju / Побег

Synopsis: “Kyu Nam, a sergeant at a military camp near the DMZ of a divided land, has been planning an escape to the free side for a long time. However, when he stops a common soldier, Dong Hyuk, from deserting, Kyu Nam gets caught and faces execution. But State Security Department Major Hyun Sang recognizes Kyu Nam from their childhood and decides to spare his life by making him a hero for catching a deserter. Hyun Sang, who has built his life by following government commands, sees Kyu Nam’s desire for freedom as a threat and desperately tries to stop him from crossing the border. Despite the risk of losing everything, Kyu Nam remains determined to live life on his own terms. Directed by Lee Jong Pil, this 1 hour and 36 minute drama explores the struggle for freedom in a repressive society. Suitable for ages 13 and older.”



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