Elegant Empire (2023)

Elegant Empire (2023)

Gi Yun is the handsome and clever chairman of WJ Entertainment, who is also ambitious and conceals a dark secret. When he marries Shin Ju Kyung, who rose from poverty in a Cinderella-like story, she becomes the perfect wife and mother with a successful career. However, her life is suddenly shattered and she disappears. Jung Woo Hyuk, an actor from NA Entertainment, is dismayed by her disappearance and his confusion deepens when he meets Seo Hee Jae, who looks just like Ju Kyung. Hee Jae intentionally approaches Gi Yun and sets in motion a series of events that will uncover the truth behind Ju Kyung’s disappearance and reveal the secrets behind Gi Yun’s ambition. With 100 episodes, the Korean drama follows Ju Kyung as she attempts to reclaim the perfect life she has lost.



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