Dreaming of Cinde Fxxxing Rella (2024)

Dreaming of Cinde Fxxxing Rella (2024)

Other name: 나는 대놓고 신데렐라를 꿈꾼다 / 그녀는 신데렐라를 꿈꾼다 / Geunyeoneun Sinderelrareul Kkumkkunda / She Dreams of Cinderella / I Openly Dream of Cinderella / She Dreams of Being Cinderella / Я открыто мечтаю о Золушке

Synopsis: “Moon Cha Min, CEO of a social club and heir to a wealthy chaebol family, is disinterested in romantic fairy tales like Cinderella. He is known for his arrogant demeanor. However, when Shim Jae Rim joins his social club as a manager, she hopes to find her own Prince Charming and escape her humble background. Instead, she learns to embrace her life and becomes more independent. As they both grow, a romantic relationship blossoms between the two vastly different individuals. This 10-episode drama follows their journey. (Source: AsianWiki) Rated 15+ for viewers aged 15 or older. Each episode is 40 minutes long.”



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