Douluo Continent (2021)

Douluo Continent (2021)

Other name: 斗罗大陆 / Dou Luo Da Lu / Soul Land

Synopsis: After losing his mother at a young age, Tang San relies on his father and displays remarkable maturity and talent. At the age of six, he attends Ruoding Academy to pursue his dream of becoming a soul master. There, he befriends the orphan Gu Xiao Wu under the guidance of Yu Xiao Gang. As their bond grows, they become like siblings and continue their journey at Shrek Academy alongside five other prodigies. Known as the “Shrek Seven Devils”, their fame catches the attention of influential nobles who invite them to join the esteemed Tian Dou Royal Academy. However, as they navigate through imperial power struggles and Tang San uncovers a long-kept secret about his mother’s death, he must fight to protect his loved ones, bring honor to his sect, and achieve his goal of becoming the greatest soul master. Adapted from the novel “Dou Luo Da Lu” by Tang Jia San Shao.



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