Dhevaprom: Jaipisut (2024)

Dhevaprom: Jaipisut (2024)

Other name: ใจพิสุทธิ์ / ดวงใจเทวพรหม: ใจพิสุทธิ์ / Dhevaprom: Jaiphisut / Chaiphisut / Duang Jai Thewaphrom: Jaiphisut / Duang Jai Thewaphrom 3 / Jaiphisut

Synopsis: “Jaipisut” follows Capt. Ronnajak Jutathep, eldest son of M.R. Ronnaphee, as he takes on the responsibility of caring for his deceased friend’s younger sister, Sunida. Ronnajak enrolls Sunida at his former school, where he unexpectedly reunites with his old classmate and now teacher, Jaipisut. Despite their past animosity due to Ronnajak’s teasing, the two must set aside their differences when Sunida faces difficulties at school. As they work together, Jaipisut discovers that she is adopted and may be from the prestigious Dhevaprom family, causing tension between her and Ronnajak. With their complicated history and newfound connection, the two must navigate their conflicting emotions and decide whether their growing friendship is worth fighting for. Based on the novel “Jaiphisut” by Phraenat, the drama spans 10 episodes and airs on Fridays, Saturdays



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