Destiny (2024)

Destiny (2024)

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Synopsis: Nishimura Kanade lost her father, a prosecutor, in a tragic incident during her 3rd grade of middle school. She and her mother moved to her mother’s hometown in Nagano Prefecture, where Kanade pursued her dream of becoming a prosecutor like her father by attending law school at a national university. There, she formed a close bond with four friends, including Nogi Masaki. However, a case involving a death caused their friendship to come to an end.
Now, 12 years later, Kanade is a 35-year-old prosecutor at the Yokohama District Public Prosecutors’ Office. She lives with her boyfriend, Okuda Takashi, who is a doctor. One day, a classmate from law school, who had disappeared after the death case, reappears in front of Kanade. This forces her to revisit the suspicious death case from their school days, which ultimately leads her to uncover the truth behind her father’s death



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