Designated Survivor: 60 Days

Designated Survivor: 60 Days

Other name: 60일 – 지정생존자 / Jijeongsaengjonja / 지정생존자 / Designated Survivor / 60-il – Jijeongsaengjonja / 60 Days, Designated Survivor

Synopsis: “Former chemistry professor Park Moo Jin reluctantly assumes the role of acting president after a terror attack claims the lives of the president and other government officials during the president’s address at the National Assembly. With no political ambitions or personal beliefs, Park must navigate his newfound responsibility and lead the nation for 60 days. As he chases after the perpetrators of the attack, Park begins to develop into a capable national leader. Directed by Yoo Jong Seon, this drama follows Park’s journey to uncover the truth and steer the country through a time of crisis.”



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