Dear.M (2022)

Dear.M (2022)

Other name: 디어엠 / 디어엠-연플리 / Dieoem / Dieo.em / Dear M / Dear M. Love Playlist 2021 / Love Playlist: Dear.M / Love Playlist Season 5 / Love Playlist S5 / Love Playlist 5

Synopsis: A mysterious post on Seoyeon University’s online community, created by an unknown person known only as “M”, sends the entire campus into a frenzy. Determined to unveil the enigma behind “M”, students across the campus embark on a mission to uncover the truth. Ma Joo Ah, a second year student in the Business Administration Department, joins forces with her best friend Cha Min Ho, a Computer Science major, as well as two other students, Seo Ji Min and Park Ha Neul, in their quest to solve the mystery. However, their journey is complicated by shifting relationships and blossoming romances. Will they be able to unravel the identity of “M” or will it remain a secret forever? Based on the web series “Love Playlist”.



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