Dead Friend Forever – DFF (2023) Episode 9

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  1. Big brother to the rescue yeahhhhhh. Sorry I am not feeling bad for none of them not even Jin. That mf leaked the video. I just hope my baby white get out there safe and sound the rest can burn in hell.

  2. Interesting how we’re all cheering for Phee and “his” revenge plot in the previous episodes, and now after this episode 9, we’re kinda conflicted.

    Well turned out the driver of this revenge story is Tan, at least so far. And our confusions about Phee and Jin are becoming more apparent. Let’s see how this folds.

    Can’t wait for White! My cutie baby~ I know you took like 3 hours standing there to process the situation, but I’m really proud of you when you grabbed that tripod and hit Top lol

  3. For the 18+ crew

    Phee didn’t want to dislocate Jin’s shoulder but he sure did break his back.
    Tan/New said make sure he slips in some info. Well Phee did slip something in.
    From the window to the wall.

    Also Ta and Copper ‘kinnporsched’ this. Gonna call it this when it’s BOC’s NC scenes.

  4. We sure was right about Tan being New. And these two brothers have really suffered😭😭.
    Because of those prixks everyone was taken away from Tan 😭😭😭.
    Phee I swear to God, if you F up Tan/New and our plans on vengeance, I will light you up 🔥.
    Bro be thinking with his Ding Dong 🍆only. I am so ready to off Phee anytime if he stands in Tan’s way.
    Like just open your stupid mouth and see…….
    Also, not him taking Jin to the place he asked Non to be his bf 😤. That was their special place.
    Jin making it all about his feelings again. He sure moved on fast from Non 🙄.
    And No one can tell me that white is just an innocent bystander. Where is the plot twist??

    Tan is the absolute standard. And I am with him until the bitter, bloody end. VENGEANCE WILL BE OURS✊🏾🔪

    P.S. Okay………might as well come out and say that the sex scene was fire 🔥🥵🫠💦. The ass slaps, hair and boobies grab. They did what had to be done. Other BLs need to take notes, lol
    However…….those lips belong to Non only😭.

  5. I was so invested in the plot, then the SPANKING, chest carressing, and full-naked butt TOOK ME OUT. I forgot this was how we started in EP1 LMAO.

    Anyway, I’m not gonna say anything about PheeNon or PheeJin. Y’all can argue about who Phee likes whatsoever. I wanna say however I FOUND A NEW SHIP (imaginary only) because of that damn smoking scene.

    I thought Phee was going to kiss Tan!!! To share that smoke directly. Ohhhhh I felt THINGS. I almost said “Phee, how many men are you gonna kiss in this show?” LMAO Oops I’m sorry, please ignore that. Pretend I didn’t say that. Sorry guys, please close your eyes.

  6. This probably isn’t a big deal within the plot, however, I am fond of symbolisms & details and noticed this tiny one. Phee took Jin to the very same place he took Non first.

    In Ep7 when he went there with Non, Phee was wearing Khaki pants while Non was wearing a pink t-shirt. Non mentions the Milky way to which Phee makes fun of it by mentioning they could see the Elephant way instead. It’s a cute & fond memory of their start.

    Meanwhile here when he took Jin to the same place, Phee was wearing khaki pants & a pink shirt. It feels like while he is trying to fit the role he has to play now, he is trying or at least unconsciously bringing Non along with him, or even the memory of him.

    Doesn’t help that Jin mentions exactly the very same thing Non did about wanting to see the Milky way. Naturally it instantly captures Phee’s interest.

    He probably sees a little bit of Non’s cuteness in Jin in this moment. Presumedly because he also has no clue that the one who filmed that clip was Jin itself. And since the one who actually formulated the whole plan of finding out the truth was Tan (New) and Phee is working along because he also wants to know while feeling conflicted. Phee still gives the benefit of the doubt, it only means he doesn’t know half the truth of what Non went through or how morally wrong those groups of pricks can go in order to save their own skins… it gets worse with each & every episode. Within these 3 years am sure he saw or heard plenty of it. Not that he hadn’t suspected before, but there’s too much going on, corruption, lies, cold cases, losses and no signs of the truth. Worry not with the help of that smoke, the truth is visible in their guilt or shady actions to still conceal it all. Tan has nothing to lose anymore, he is holding on to this plan because it’s the only thing that is keeping him sane.

    Now I wonder if his sanity is in check. He never wanted to hurt them but wanted to find out the hidden truth. However, the script is still happening, he is acting upon it as to avenge his brother and because of his own guilt of failing as an older brother, and for their parents as a good son. Their madness now is the key to their misfortune. Honestly, I hoped for a kind of an aliance & team work between Phee and Tan in all of this. That they were both committed & on the same page. It feels like Phee is only half way into this. Understandable, given what he also went through. Luckily, Tan is still able to see past any biased perception. As he tries to befriend them but keep a certain distance when it comes to creating bonds.

    These were the wisest words so far. Why exactly is Jin still hanging with these guys after everything he witnessed & and having to lie to the cops? Because he has no other friends? So, he rather stay friendly with a group that abuses their power to achieve their goals. How quick he was to move on past his crush on Non to the hot new guy in school. Hormones am I right? 🤣 Teen love really hits or misses. He doesn’t connect Phee and sees this as an escape too. Jin and Phee share certain insecurities. Probably related to what happened with Non. Although for different settings and reasons for both parts. I wonder if Phee will ever find out it was Jin the one responsible for that clip. Even if he was not the one who shared but still if he hadn’t recorded it… there would be no clip. Would Non tell Phee the truth of what he did? What would happen then? Who knows, so many ifs. Ironic how they all only seem to remember Non whenever Tan mentions anything related, otherwise they continue as if nothing happened. When in fact some do know more than they are showing…


  7. SCREAMING!!!! These are the same chills and creeps I got when Non was writing the updated script.

    It’s refreshing to look at the present time scenes differently since we already know what happened in the past. I don’t how much else revelations are we about to find out, but BRING THEM ALL ON.

    I felt really sad for Tan. I remember writing in last episode’s comment that I hope Non’s parents will be safe. I guess things eventually got to them. I’m quite bitter that although Non’s mom looked so tired in life and depressed, I never really heard her say “I’m sorry, son/Non.” It looks like she was regretting things but I wish I heard her say that verbally.

    Non’s father tried to be rational, but I guess with all that’s chasing him and her wife, New showing up and “lying” was his last straw.

  8. This episode is so freaking good.

    Tan as New. We called it. It just made the most sense to me. And it was so easy to understand his motivations here. He lost everything and he doesn’t even know if his baby brother is alive or dead. He sees the group as responsible/knowing something and will not differentiate between any of the individuals in it. Tan/New also being responsible for the guys being drugged made sense. After all he did major in biochemistry.

    Tan writing on his leg “You didn’t study dumb*ss” @ Top made me laugh. Oh deserved. Oh f*cking deserved.

    PheeJin. I will forever be a PheeNon girl but I understand PheeJin in a sense. It’s complicated because yes Jin betrayed Non and the guilt has affected him. However he sees being in a relationship with Phee as separate from that since he doesn’t know Phee’s connection. Phee wants to know the truth, wants to appease Tan/New that he’s only doing this to get answers but he has fallen. Feelings are unpredictable. They don’t have a set schedule/appointment. But it’s going to get even way more complicated when they find out the truth from both sides.

    The NC scene was absolute fire. And I believe due to the nature of the s*x scene, BOC released a statement refraining people from reuploading/reposting it. I believe the same thing was done for ep 4 of KP but I’m not sure for the other scenes.

    And I will forever be on Non’s side when it comes to how that group (excluding White because he was never with the group before) treated him even with Jin recording the video. However all of them with the exception of Top (because f*ck him) have shown complexities in their personalities even though they’re not my faves.

    Speaking of White. Loved him with the tripod but babyboy did not even sign up for this. And the skip Tee did when he saw White waiting for him after school. Like any one would be happy dating that cutie. However it’s like “awww Tee you’re happy now right.” and then it’s like “this wont last.” Because White would need to know the truth about what Tee did.

    I loved Tan/New smiling at the end. He doesn’t ‘want’ to kill them but they ruin each other then so be it. He needs answers as well as Phee. And I know I’m not the only one but I’m sensing that there is going to be conflict between Phee and Tan/New. Phee, after calming down, wanted to talk to Non, find out what’s going on, so he is motivated by love for Non. Tan/New feels guilty about not being there for his brother, both his parents are dead and so he feels like he has nothing to lose so he is motivated by revenge.

    I honestly can’t wait for next week’s episode