Crash (2024)

Crash (2024)

Other name: 크래시 / Keuraesi / Авария

Synopsis: “Crash” follows the Traffic Crime Investigation Team (TCI) in their pursuit of car-related crimes such as insurance fraud, retaliatory driving, self-harm blackmail, leka, call jump, and autonomous driving. The team is led by Cha Yeon Ho, a rational individualist from KAIST, and Min So Hee, a seasoned traffic investigator known for her cool judgment and warm sensitivity. Together, they tackle unusual traffic crime cases, determined to uncover the truth behind them. With 12 episodes lasting 60 minutes each, this drama is recommended for viewers aged 15 and older. It airs every Monday and Tuesday.



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  1. lee min ki’s last project behind your touch was so funny, i hope this show is also funny XD