Chicken Nugget (2024)

Chicken Nugget (2024)

Other name: 닭강정 / 炸雞塊 / 炸鸡块 / Dakgangjeong / Dalggangjeong / Dak Gang Jeong / Fried Chicken / Chicken Gangjeong / Sweet and Sour Chicken / Nugget de pollo / Острая и сладкая курочка / قطعة دجاج مقلية

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“Chicken Beauty” is a 12-episode drama adapted from the webtoon by Park Ji Dok. The story revolves around Choi Min Ah, a beautiful young girl who mysteriously transforms into fried chicken after entering a strange machine. Her father, Choi Sun Man, and intern Go Baek Jung join forces to find a way to reverse the transformation and uncover dark secrets along the way. With a duration of 60 minutes, the drama is rated 15+ and airs on Fridays and Saturdays.



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  1. Jeong ho yeon is also in this? Has to be a cameo maybe lol?
    It’s a weird plot, but it’s mystery? It’s something new and the teaser was fun. So I’m here for it.

  2. Of course this is thriller genre 😆😆😆. How did this “little young girl” not get eaten or spoilt, lmao. You people be playing too much 😂.

  3. Sorry beautiful young girl turn into WHAT!?!? 🙀
    Am I the only who doesn’t understand this.
    And they try to turn that chicken into a human 😳
    🍗—🙎‍♀️ how ❗❓❗❔
    Wow really interesting story .i really want to know how’s that possible
    Ofcourse it’s must be a thriller, even the discription is terrifying
    I’m really curious about how the director getting this kind of story I’m not insulating it’s just new and not logically possible . Anyways I’m really looking forward to this i must watch it

  4. Wait ! What is read in description 😂 of this serie.. I’m done wd this storyline but curious to watch 🤣🤣

  5. Lmao since when do korean writers create odd storylines. Isn’t that suppose to be chinese (fantasy)writers speciality😂😂

  6. Synopsis:-
    “It tells the strange story of how a beautiful young girl, Choi Min Ah, turns into fried chicken because she happens to enter a mysterious machine. It follows Choi Sun Man, her father, and Go Baek Jung, an intern, who join efforts to turn her back to human and discover deep dark secrets in the process.”(Source:mydramalist)
    I will watch it for choi eun woo although it’s plot sounds weird.