Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee (2024) Episode 8

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  1. Time to express ideas while waiting for tomorrow’s episodes.

    As I am not a fan of mystery stories, I made a little research on the original writer of Judge Dee Rendjie. Hold and behold the original writer isn’t mention on MDL neither on other sites. Is the original writer completely unknown ? This 18th century book was discovered in China by Robert Van Gulik whom in turn found it fascinating and decided to have it translated in English. We have to keep in mind that Robert Van Gulik is not the original writer. At least, he, himself, had the honesty to acknowledge this fact. So he is not a plagia nor appropriating Chinese cultural heritage. As an aristocrat, Mr. Gulik had the ability to be in contact with Chinese high society. Thus enabling him to discuss with librarians on Chinese literature, to by chance discovered the Dee mystery stories.

    It seems that there were few intimate people aside Wu Zetian. To be able to get assignments in order to solve murders at that time, one had to have the means to do so. And only a scholar could fantasize on paper the cases solved. So, it should be someone dedicated to the palace offices and who knew the cases. Names, places, districts were modified but the era Tang dynasty and its complexe history are genuine.

    So why, up to now, is the original writer unknown ?
    My guess is that the writer couldn’t identify him/herself because the primitive methods to get confessions from the murderers could have jeopardize his and family life. Also, because of so many religions during the Tang dynasty, one has to keep undercover not to be bashed down. As Wu Zetian gave women the means to work at the offices of the imperial palace, it could be the works of a woman. Alas, working women were not well accepted by the male scholars and officers. How could she acknoweldge her written works ?

    What is remarquable is that this style of writing during this era was a real revelation in Chinese litterature. Hat off to Robert Van Gulik as he had spent his life long dream to grace us with this gem.

  2. Coincidentally, the drum player is Korean. Will she be the translator for the Korean immigrant hiding in the ship’s hold ?
    Why was Ma Rong had to be so gross ? This actress does an excellent job though. Was it to have a contrast with Cao An ?
    Sorry for repeating myself, I feel like my labyrinthite will spring with this camera angles.

  3. Appears that Gu will be a villain, but I wonder if his friend Deputy Secretary Hou will be implicated?
    Looks like Ma Rong and Cao An will have a rivalry for Di’s affection. I wonder if the brother that was hidden on the ship came looking for Yusu. That the cargo was gold from Baekje and the Modao was tribute from Baekje? Wang Lide killed the crew to keep them silent.

    I wonder if Commissioner Liu recognized Cao An because he is connected with her Father?