Catch Me Baby (2022)

Catch Me Baby (2022)

Other name: เซียนสับราง Catch me Baby

Synopsis: Phat is a skilled “Relationship Juggler” who works as an executive assistant for Sia Wut. Despite having five girlfriends, Phat is able to keep his double life a secret thanks to his impressive juggling skills. However, his job becomes more complicated with the arrival of Cher, a new executive assistant who turns out to be an “Infidelity Detective.” As Phat’s juggling missions become increasingly challenging, he enlists the help of his adopted sister Pinky, his coworker Jim, and Captain, the rival of Foie, Cher’s cousin. As Phat and Cher’s paths continue to cross, their professional relationship becomes blurred with their growing feelings for each other. With their missions at stake, will Phat be able to resist his developing feelings for his enemy?



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