Business Kon: Suki ni Nattara Rikonshimasu (2024)

Business Kon: Suki ni Nattara Rikonshimasu (2024)

Other name: ビジネス婚―好きになったら離婚します― / Bijinesu Kon: Suki ni Nattara Rikonshimasu / Business Marriage: If You Fall in Love, You Will Divorce / Business Marriage: If We Fall In Love, We’ll Divorce

Synopsis: Sayama Miyabi is a skilled salesperson employed at Celeste Real Estate. After her boyfriend ends their six-year relationship, she shifts her focus to her career rather than pursuing romance. One day, she meets Donose Tsukasa, a successful company president who is seeking a marriage based purely on business without any emotional attachment. Intrigued by Miyabi’s dedication to work, he suggests a business marriage to her.
Although initially taken aback by the sudden proposal, the two find that they share similar interests and decide to live together. The only condition for this arrangement is that if either of them develops romantic feelings, they must end the marriage immediately. Despite this agreement, their time together is filled with excitement and an ideal lifestyle. However, they must keep their true feelings hidden. Will their business marriage stay strictly professional, or will they give in to their hearts?
Adapted from the manga “Business Marriage” by Kirato Ruka, this drama follows the unique



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