Blue Boys (2024) Episode 8

Category: Blue Boys (2024)

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  1. Nice ending. I think Jeamin was right that Nami is more than he deserves. I guess if the roles had reversed and it was Nami who did that, Jeamin would have a lot harder time to forgive him. Anyway, I’m glad they talked it out and that Jeamin understood he’d never find someone like Nami again before it’s too late. Loved their kisses 🥰

  2. That’s all I need. Ending on a good note. No need for another part or season. I don’t want to watch trials and tribulations of a perfect pairing.

    Jaemin finally says what Nami needed to hear. What all of us want to hear for our peace of mind.
    I believe it’s human to be shaken but not to fall into temptation.

  3. Goddamn! The vocals on that song 🎵, shook my heart and smoked my brains. Goodness gracious, I absolutely loved it. Gotta find the artist ASAP, wow!! 😱🤯😍