Best Choice Ever (2024)

Best Choice Ever (2024)

Other name: 承欢记 / 承歡記 / Cheng Huan Ji / Story of Joy / История Чэнхуань / Лучший выбор на свете

Synopsis: Mai Cheng Huan, a young woman from a normal family in Shanghai, is pressured by her mother, Liu Wan Yu, to propose to her boyfriend, Xin Jia Liang. However, their relationship becomes imbalanced due to the wealth of the Xin family. Liu Wan Yu’s interference in her daughter’s personal life leads to their breakup. Struggling between loyalty to her parents and staying true to herself, Mai Cheng Huan breaks free from her mother’s control and focuses on her career. Her growth is recognized by her step-grandmother, who entrusts her with a crucial task at the hotel she manages. During this collaboration, Mai Cheng Huan and professional hotel manager Yao Zhi Ming become working partners and their relationship evolves from coworkers to something more. The drama follows Mai Cheng Huan’s journey of self-discovery and her relationship with Yao Zhi Ming, amidst family drama and professional challenges. Based on the novel “Stories of Mai Chenghuan” by Yi Sh



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  1. 🎆How can a Yang Zi/Xu Kai series premiere without banging the drums❓🎇
    So many fans of them both waited patiently for this modern romance and it’s slipped in silently❗😔
    Anyway, since I love both of their talents, I am here🎉✨

  2. 承欢记 cheng huan ji make elders happy story is shanghai urban drama about difficult relationship with elders in the family. cheng huan means to make one’s elders happy and is also the name of the main gal who is about 30 years old. Ep 1 starts with main gal’s mom being strict with her boyfriend. Boyfriend is played by guest actor from drama Great Miss D. Main gal and her parents live in a small apartment complex called 三和里 san he li which means 3 harmony neighborhood and also means 3 harmony inside. Main gal starts off as a super filial daughter. I am probably more cheng huan than the main gal character since I got married only after both my parents died. When my parents were still alive, people would say I was like a filial daughter (i am a guy). Main gal is a hotel worker and meets main guy new hotel manager in an elevator so it is the usual boss employee romance which is frowned upon in real life bec it can lead to abuse of employees. best choice ever could be referring to the saying that you cannot choose your relatives or could be referring to the choosing of a husband.