Bangkok Blossom (2024)

Bangkok Blossom (2024)

Other name: บางกอกคณิกา / Bangkok Khanika

Synopsis: During the prosperous era of prostitution in 1892, three women – Kulap, Botan, and Thianyot – find themselves fighting for their dreams and seeking to break free from the constraints of their profession. Kulap, a courageous and talented sex worker, harbors an ambitious dream. Botan longs for a simple life with the man she loves, but is faced with obstacles. Thianyot, who was sold into the brothel, dreams of a normal life where she can pursue an education. As they navigate their way through the world of prostitution, these three women stand up for their rights and form unlikely friendships in the process. This drama, spanning 8 episodes, explores themes of women’s rights and the quest for human dignity in a time where it was not easily attainable. Catch it every Wednesday and Thursday on Thai channel Sanook.



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