Aru Tozasareta Yuki no Sanso de (2024)

Aru Tozasareta Yuki no Sanso de (2024)

Other name: ある閉ざされた雪の山荘で ; In a Closed Snowy Mountain Villa , Aru Tozasareta Yuki no Sansou de , あるとざされたゆきのさんそうで

Synopsis: Kuga Kazuyuki aspires to become an actor. He auditions for the lead role in a theater company’s next work. Among the 300 people who take part in that audition, only seven people are selected for a final audition round. Kazuyuki is among the final seven participants. These seven people then travel to a snowy mountain villa and stay there for four days to take the final audition. By the director’s orders, all contact with the outside world is not allowed. Soon, the participants begin to disappear one by one.



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