Ano Ko no Kodomo (2024)

Ano Ko no Kodomo (2024)

Other name: Her Child , That Child’s Child , My Girlfriend’s Child

Synopsis: Kawakami Sachi is a normal second-year high school student with a peaceful family. Her parents accepted the love story between Sachi and her childhood friend Tsukishima Takara, and the two spent happy days together even though they went to different schools. Takara is a track and field club member, aiming to enter a prestigious university for track and field.

One day, Sachi noticed something strange with her body and discovered she was pregnant. From here, Sachi and Takara must face the realities of life, grappling with the question of whether they can have and raise children.
Episodes: 10
Duration: 30 min
Aired On: Tuesday
Aired: Jun 25, 2024



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