Angels Fall Sometimes (2024)

Angels Fall Sometimes (2024)

Other name: 谢谢你温暖我 / 如果還有時間 / 如果还有时间 / 謝謝你溫暖我 / Ru Guo Hai You Shi Jian / If There is Time / If There is Still Time Left

Synopsis: “In their junior year, Lin Tuo and An Zhi Que fall in love during a summer internship recruiting event. As they graduate and enter the real world, they face challenges such as part-time jobs, job hunting, and planning their future together. However, when Lin Tuo is diagnosed with ALS, their lives take an unexpected turn. Despite his terminal illness, Lin Tuo chooses to live each day with bravery and inspires others, including fellow ALS patients, to appreciate the present and embrace hope. This drama, consisting of 24 episodes, is suitable for teens 13 or older and airs every day of the week. (Source: WeTV)”



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  1. angels fall sometimes (thank you for comforting me) is drama with 1 character being terminally ill. angels fall always and I am old enough to have seen many family members and many coworkers die in my brief life. Death is unfortunately and or fortunately guaranteed by the laws of thermodynamics, so we are all terminally ill with the disease called death. Physicist Stephen Hawking (lived to age 76) was 1 of the few als patients who managed to live a long life and in 2017, the year before he died, he predicted human extinction in less than 100 years.

  2. This is actually a remake and the original is a Jdrama called “Boku no Ita Jikan”. The original is a classic and recommend anyone to watch it if interested.

  3. ML seems to have back to back gets over another one shows up…& another starts, he has another one along

  4. Ahhh….I really don’t want him to die in the end but the synopsis suggests otherwise……hope for the best😊😊