Alumni Lovers (2023)

Alumni Lovers (2023)

Other name: 솔로동창회 학연 / Solodongchanghoe Hakyeon / School Ties

Synopsis: We invite you to “Alumni Lovers”, where the panels are all prepared to make over 100 funny and frank comments to encourage a couple to be matched. Including a heart-throb, Lee Seok Hoon, a professional torch-carrier, Yoo Byung Jae, a fate seeker, Kim Dae Ho, a romance expert, Lee Eun Ji, and the master of flirting among the MZ Generation, Kwon Eun Bi, the panel is mesmerized by the eight people who have gathered to find their love. From a boy from the other class who used to be a star of school talent shows to a transfer girl who one can’t remember her name but become unrecognizably gorgeous, and even an ex-boyfriend who one dated only for three days at a tteokbokki place! Shall we dive in together to this heart-fluttering love story of alumni with their various memories?
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Episodes: 10
Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.
Aired On: Tuesday



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