Acma:Game (2024)

Acma:Game (2024)

Other name: アクマゲーム / Akuma Gemu / Acma Game / ACMA:GAME

Synopsis: “Oda Teruasa, a talented high school senior and heir of Japan’s wealthy Oda Group, lost everything when his father was murdered by a mysterious organization 13 years ago. Before his death, his father entrusted him with a weathered key that supposedly holds the power to control everything in the world. Teruasa escaped overseas and spent 13 years traveling and gaining knowledge. When he returns to Japan to seek revenge for his father’s death, he becomes embroiled in the dangerous “Akuma Game” where rivals fight for possession of the key. Based on the manga series “Acma:Game” by Mebu and Megumi Koji, this drama consists of 10 episodes, each lasting 55 minutes. It airs every Sunday.”



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