Absolute Boyfriend (2019)

Absolute Boyfriend (2019)

Other name: 절대 그이 / Jeoldae Geui / My Absolute Boyfriend / Roco King / Romcom King

Synopsis: “Eom Da Da, a special effects make-up artist, has been in a secret 7-year relationship with A-class actor Ma Wang Joon. However, a series of incidents causes Da Da to lose faith in their love and she decides to end things with Wang Joon. Still healing from the breakup, Da Da meets Young Goo, a humanoid robot designed to be the perfect boyfriend. As Young Goo starts to develop human emotions, he becomes entangled in a love triangle with Wang Joon and Da Da. Based on the manga Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi), filming for this drama took place from May to July of 2019, under the direction of Jeong Jeong Hwa.”



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