A Shop for Killers (2024)

A Shop for Killers (2024)

Other name: 킬러들의 쇼핑몰 / 살인자의 쇼핑몰 / Sarinjaui Syopingmol / The Killer’s Shopping Mall / The Murderer’s Shopping Mall / Дорама Торговый центр убийцы Mall

Synopsis: Shortly after entering college, Jian receives a call from local police informing her of her uncle’s “suicide”. Her carer, since the death of her parents, uncle Jeong Jin Man, had always been quiet and mysterious but never suicidal.
But before Jian has a chance to think, her life is turned upside down by a flurry of gunfire, murder drones and more, as a medley of highly skilled assassins inexplicably turns their focus to killing her. Pinned down in her uncle’s home, Jian will be forced to revisit some of the bizarre training her uncle gave her throughout her formative years if she hopes to survive long enough to discover what is going on.
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Adapted from the novel “Sarinjaui Syopingmol” (살인자의 쇼핑몰) by Kang Ji Young (강지영).
Episodes: 8



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  1. Don’t want to creep anyone out, but for some reason Jinman and Jian seem like they would make a perfect couple (except for the fact that they are uncle and niece, lol). Am I the only one who thinks this? Hahaha

  2. “Listen here Jian” – Watch This Its GOOD!!! My Fav of 2024 so far
    I want to make a bet with someone that Uncle is alive…. he died too easily, he could tell the message was fake – can’t be! If the villain is alive so is UNCLE

  3. 🌸 I was gonna watch this because Lee dong wook was on it since I didn’t understand the plot
    But end up fall inlove

  4. The choice of the kdramas produced by disney+ is really amazing. They are bringing Top kdramas to light. I am enjoying it alot so far and I hope it keeps this pace till the end.

  5. What a disappointing drama! Very slow. Many scenes make no sense at all. The funny thing is that the door peephole is about 3 foot height, how the little girl know that the killer is coming after her and manage to escape, how she get inside the mortuary chamber when she was so short and so brave enough to sleep with the corpse?? Total nonsense! I quit watching. Very bad!

  6. The plot reminds me of “The Da Vinci’s Code” where the “uncle” trained his niece how to crack codes, solve puzzles etc when she was a child.

    Lee Dong Wook’s really great with kids. Remembered when he appeared on , “The Return of Superman“.

  7. Much like Kill Boksoon, this drama has a very human heart which put it above other brainless revenge/action/assassin dramas. Well acted all round.