A Secretly Love (2024) Episode 1

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  1. I’m not super excited about this predictable plot, but I will watch the development of the main couple coming together.

    🥰 So far, I enjoy watching the funny in-sync supporting characters, Khon’s friends, Tum and Pi. Unless they are already a couple, I would ship them. They are adorably cute. 🫰

    😅 It must have been fun shooting Kim repeatedly being slapped. 👋 💥 🤕 😆

    I suspect this senior is secretly into Khon.

    Looks like Khon is also suspicious. 🤫

    We’ve seen Khon’s pov. I hope Pleum has his view of Khon as well, especially with the misunderstood discarded greeting card.

    🤞 Let’s wish Kim’s main lead bl role a success.

  2. This plot/ storyline and general theme(s) feel very old-school and unoriginal so far😏 With that said, it was an ok first ep, for what it was. It’s good to see 33 yr old Kimmon (Pleum) again. Pleum has been more than unlucky in love and well hopefully his 21st relationship with Khonprot will be free of a facial slapdown🙏😬🤣 Lol!😂🤣 These two MLs are going have a hard time finding their way romantically🙈 I sense a lot of nonsense, miscommunication, heartache and frustrations during this series. I’m already tired, lol. But let’s see where it goes😅

  3. I like Khon’s sweetness and perseverance .
    20 slaps! 😆
    All Pluem’s relationships end up with slaps, maybe the guy deserves them…
    This series certainly won’t move
    mountains but it might be worth to giving it a try…