95 (2024)

95 (2024)

Other name: キュウゴー / Kyugoo

Synopsis: Hiroshige Akihisa works for a karaoke company and is asked about his high school days during an interview about the past 30 years of Japanese music industry. However, he struggles to remember due to an incident that happened 29 years ago. This incident, the Tokyo subway sarin attack on March 20, 1995, caused Akihisa to suppress his memories. It was a traumatic event that resulted in the death of someone he knew and greatly affected him.
One day, Akihisa’s classmate Suzuki Shotaro, whom he was not particularly close with, asks him a thought-provoking question: if he wants to live a passive life and then die, would he be truly happy? Feeling lost and looking for purpose, Akihisa joins Shotaro’s group and hangs out with them in Shibuya. However, tragedy strikes when Shotaro is attacked by someone. Determined to seek revenge for his friend, Aki



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