7 Days Before Valentine (2023) Episode 12

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  1. The drama aside, i must say that Q is BEAUTIFUL. Every episode that I watich, I keep thinking that he is such a pretty looking guy.

  2. Sunshine’s beautiful Journey has come to a wonderful and heartfelt end. We’re all human beings who are capable of mistakes. Everyone has a story. Everyone has pain. There are no villains. We cannot change the past, but we can understand the context of our mistakes, put it in perspective and learn to accept ourselves. Never lose hope, because it’s always there and more importantly, if you’re ever given a chance to choose, choose life! A delightful series! Both actors in the roles of Sun/Q did a phenomenal job portraying their most compelling, intellectually stimulating characters, as well as, their emotional roller coaster relationship in this series. Like I’m fumbling all over myself to find the right superlatives to describe the wonder that encapsulates the transformative power of honesty/authenticity depicted by these two actor’s amazing/cathartic portrayal of their characters. Magnificent! Rain gets his reparation flowers and everyone are better off at the end, than they were in the beginning. Especially for my honey Sunshine/Q meeting again on the airplane, getting the chance of rediscovering each other as they fly off to their happily ever after destination. Love it! Huge TYs to Atom/Jet, cast, crew, brilliant writers (because it’s exactly 7 days before Valentines), subbers, all involved for this enticingly captivating series, and an end so unimaginably sentimental that it left me in tears. One of the best, intelligent and well written series Thailand has put out in a long time. Bravo! Take a Bow Thailand! Excellent! I’m so happy it’s Thursday! Happy Thursday! nite-world, zzzzzzzz…

  3. When I watched last week I actually missed that Sun was Q’s Cupid in his story! I saw a comment about it after on MDL. I was already impressed with episode 11 but that elevated it and the whole story even more for me.

    So they were both each other’s Q and they both saved the other at the end of the 7 days (Q relighting Sun’s candle and Sun wishing his current Q/cupid out of that universe/ timeline). They really were each other’s future and past💖 Adore how that all tied back together.

    I do wish we had gotten to find out what happened to Mek. And Rain ending up with Air… while I understand it bc it’s just the events set back to before, I would have preferred him with Mek or his pastry chef. Him with Air just felt empty after everything we learned.

    Anyways it ended today 7 days before Valentine’s Day! I realised it would a couple weeks ago. Thought that was pretty cool🙂

  4. Well Im NOT sure WHAT I THINK here actually….I HONESTLY STOPPED rooting for Sunshine A LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time ago actually SO I was and AM disappointed Sunshine didn’t disappear at the end But Q/Guy/ Sky saved him instead…..The ending was nice though…….